Trump to seek sainthood

White House sources have revealed that Donald Trump intends to seek
sainthood from Pope Francis when he visits The Vatican later this week.
Copies of the intended conversation have been leaked to the press.

“Talking points for the conversation with the Pope.”

Donald: Hey, Frank Baby, I made a ton of money off the Saudis on an arms deal. How much would it cost me to buy a sainthood for myself?
Pope Francis: Donald, my son, you cannot buy sainthood, you have to earn it.
Donald: Then what can I do to become a saint?
Pope Francis: You need to have performed a miracle.
Donald: How about if I make it through four years without being impeached?
Pope Francis: OMG, that would be a miracle.

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Tea Party Conspiracy to Replace Trump

The election and impeachment of Donald Trump has been the game plan of the
right-wing Tea Party members since last summer. When it became apparent that
Trump was going to be the nominee they set in motion their hidden agenda.

At the Republican Convention in Cleveland they lobbied strenuously for a representative of the Republican right-wing to be nominated as Vice-President.
They convinced Trump that he needed a true conservative evangelical in order
to obtain the votes of the party faithful. So Pence was their man.

Now that Trump’s presidency is in deep doo-doo they are joining the chorus
for his impeachment. Of course, because then their favorite son will become
President and they will be on their way to revising the US Constitution to
support their agenda. They are at this moment trying to keep Pence’s record
clean, denying that he knew anything about any Russian connections between
Trump, his nominees, or his staff.

Their new theme song is “Onward Christian Soldiers.”

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Puppies Playing

Our new puppies play by the pool
Every so often one of the two falls into the water.
Their favorite pastime is retrieve fallen leaves
which float lazily along the edge.

This morning there were no leaves in the pool
so one of them goes out into the yard and
finds a leaf, depositing it in the pool, and
then waits for the wind to blow it back to
the edge where she can retrieve it.

She sets it on the concrete edge
where her brother begins to eat it.
He likes roughage.

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Raising Daughters and Mothers

My three daughters are now in their forties while I
still refer to them as the girls even though they are

mothers. Fond memories of their childhoods crowd
my head and I find myself confessing pride in them as

women. They have gone separate ways into and through
adulthood each finding their own way, finding their

husbands. Pride continues to expand as they develop
careers and establish homes, adding to the family

grandchildren. Yes, I am a happy man with growing
memories, watching another generation establish lives.

My daughters have independently become politically
liberal, which they indicate is a result of their
understanding of the Christian faith. Evidently
their parents did a few things right.

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Efficient Bureaucracy: A Contradiction?

We just spent an hour dealing with the bureaucracy of selling a house.
(No it is not sold but we needed to do this just in case.) In order to
avoid steep taxes on selling we needed to obtain a special number from
the tax office. So we went preparing for the worst. We had an
appointment which we applied for online two weeks ago. We took a
number and waited for 25 minutes until we were called to a desk. So
much for the appointment.

The clerk explained in Spanglish, which we heard in our own version of
Spanglish that since we were not a business we needed to go to another
window. So back to the seats and waiting for our number again. After
another 20 minutes we were ushered to a computer work station with all
the instructions in Spanish. We attempted but became stuck. Fortunately
there was a very helpful young man who assisted us. Since both our names
are on the deed we needed two account numbers. Still, done in 15 minutes.

And we left after an hour, singing the praises of the efficiency.
Maybe we have lived too long in Mexico.

Now we have to go to the electric company and have both numbers affixed
to our electric bill so that when (if) we sell the Notary will understand
not to charge us for taxes because we have owned this house for over three
years. I will wait a few days before waiting in line at Comision Federal
de Electricidad. I can only handle so much bureaucracy on any given day.

Actually, I am supportive of this new law. It is intended to curtail a few
unscrupulous persons who purchase properties and then renovate them cheaply
and “flip” them for an easy and large profit and purchase another one.
Until this law they were paying no taxes to Mexico on their profits.

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Canadian Bureaucracy

There was a news flash this week that Bombay Saffire Gin
recently shipped to Canada was being recalled. Evidently
the percentage of alcohol had been too high.

My question: So, what’s the problem?

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It does not take much ignorance
to move beyond to arrogance.

Ignorance is merely showing
an absence of a sense of knowing.

Arrogance means you do not care
your grasp of facts is now laid bare.

Both are cut from the same cloth
much the same as evil sloth.

Laziness is sloth, simple and pure,
and so it appears there is no cure.

A president who thinks we are fools
needs to be kicked in the family jewels.

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